A bridge is a section of artificial teeth, custom-made for you. It looks like it is part of your own set of teeth. It restores your natural bite, so you can eat and smile comfortably and with confidence.

A Bridge is a Type of Denture

A denture is an artificial replacement for one or more teeth. A dental bridge is also called a fixed partial denture, because it is fixed to the existing teeth on either side with semi-permanent bonds.

How is a Bridge Made?

Where there is a gap in a row of teeth, crowns are placed on the existing teeth on either side of the gap.

A bridge (fixed partial denture) is made to fill the gap. The bridge is adjusted to fit you and to be comfortable. Then it is cemented to each of the crowns.

What Materials are Used?

Materials that are used to make bridges include porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and gold alloys. Modern materials make a natural-looking section of teeth.


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