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Get a Whiter Smile Today

Your smile is often one of the first things that others notice about you. Naturally, when it’s radiant and white, you feel confident about flashing it. However, the same cannot be said for a dull and discolored smile. While countless OTC teeth whitening kits promise professional whitening results, you may also be aware that these aren’t really that effective and can even be harmful to some people.

Here at Ammari Dental in Aurora, CO, your dentist Dr. Raed Ammari offers convenient and quick professional teeth whitening treatments to help keep your smile bright and white.

In-Office Bleaching

Likewise known as in-office teeth whitening, chairside teeth whitening, or power bleaching, this teeth whitening treatment is a very simple process with no discomfort or pain. Following an oral examination and discussion about your preferences, you’ll sit comfortably in the dentist’s chair for the procedure.

Your dentist in Aurora, CO, will then insert a bite block, cheek retractor, and some cotton inside your mouth for isolating the teeth and protecting the surrounding oral tissues. The professional-grade bleach will then be applied onto your teeth and then targeted with laser light to hasten the whitening process. This should take less than an hour.

In-office bleaching can lighten your teeth up to eight shades whiter so you can see a dramatic difference and immediate results after the treatment. The results likewise last significantly longer than results from OTC teeth whitening kits.

Dentist-Supervised At Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Also called at-home bleaching, this entails wearing a custom-made whitening tray that will hold the professional-strength bleach as you whiten your teeth at home. This custom-made tray will be very comfortable because it’s made to fit your teeth and bite precisely. This professional teeth whitening option works best on individuals with sensitive teeth since the process is gradual as opposed to in-office bleaching.

Full results from take-home bleaching kits can usually be seen after three to six weeks of diligently using the system. You just need to make sure to follow all your dentist’s instructions carefully.

Professional teeth whitening could really be a budget-friendly and quick way to give stained and dull teeth a makeover. Talk to your dentist about your options and which one will work best for the kinds of stains and discoloration you have.

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