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Root Canal
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Root canals are tiny passageways inside the roots of teeth. In the upper part of each tooth, there is a larger space, called the pulp chamber. Nerves and blood vessels run through each root canal (1-4 per tooth) and into the pulp chamber at the top.

Root canal therapy (more formally called endodontic therapy) is a dental treatment for a badly-decayed or infected tooth. Without treatment, the gums usually become infected and pockets of pus called abscesses may form. Commonly called simply a root canal, this procedure removes infected tissue, keeps the infection from spreading, and restores the structural function of the tooth. Before root canals came into general dental usage, the only solution for a tooth that was so far gone was extraction.

During a root canal procedure, all of the tooth’s tissues (including nerves and blood vessels) are removed. The inside of the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and then sealed.

At that point, the tooth will be brittle and weak, so a crown is placed over the tooth to prevent cracking or breaking. A temporary crown or filling may be placed first, while a dental laboratory is fabricating the permanent custom crown.

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